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Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventures for children

At Wildchild our fundamental goal is providing exciting, innovative and safe outdoor activities for kids. This was our initial and guiding focus when we started the company in 2007 and while the range of activities we deliver has grown to include a wide range of indoor activities, we continue to advocate the intrinsic value of outdoor and adventure activities for children.

Our motto ‘inspiring a lifetime of adventure’ was developed out of our core ethos – to inspire children through introducing them to new and exciting activities and to encourage them to develop new skills and talents that will help them personally and professionally as they journey into adulthood.

Our activities are designed to get children outdoors, trying out new skills, having fun and connecting with nature. We love to hear from parents and teachers that a Wildchild activity has inspired their child to take on a new sport or activity, or helped them in some way whether it’s building confidence, improving their teambuilding or communication skills or simply having the confidence to get involved and give it a go. If a Wildchild activity is the first in a lifetime of exciting adventures, we have achieved our goal.

Outdoor adventure birthday parties

Our Outdoor adventure birthday parties are tailored for children aged between 5 and 14.

Over the years we have developed an exciting range of outdoor adventure party themes from our popular Pirate and Dinosaur themed parties for younger children, to our action-packed Wild Code Action and Spy party for those thrill-seekers who like a challenge! We recently launched our innovative Wild Survivor Party getting those budding Bear Grylls out there learning key bushcraft survival skills.

Outdoor adventure holiday activities

Our Wildchild Easter outdoor holiday activities and summer holiday activities for children offer children the unique opportunity of a whole day spent getting active and connecting with the outdoors.

Our outdoor adventure holiday activities are tailored for children aged between 7 and 12.

Outdoor adventure activities for schools

Our combination of introducing outdoor adventures, teaching practical bushcraft skills, engaging children in creative teambuilding games and opening the door to new skills and talents, has proven popular with schools looking to offer their pupils something different.

We work with schools in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and in and around London to offer exciting and innovative options for their curriculum enrichment and reward activities, residential trips for schools, and outdoor adventure days.

Years of research on the education system consistently highlight the importance of outdoor learning in improving results and behavior in the classroom. We work closely with schools to help provide interesting, educational and inspiring outdoor learning opportunities tailored to each school’s individual needs. Read our blog on the benefits of outdoor learning.

All our outdoor activities are developed and overseen by experienced, fully trained and CRB checked activity leaders who take responsibility for the children’s safety, well-being and enjoyment throughout their Wildchild activity.   Our outdoor adventures are run from established and reputable outdoor activity centres in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire with excellent standards of activities and safety.

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What you say...

“The most challenging activity for me was abseiling down the Tower of Terror – it was awesome. I felt a sense of incredible personal achievement. I also enjoyed building the Base Camp – it was amazing working together to ensure we could survive in the wild.” Olivia (aged 9)