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Wildchild Top Skateboarding tips for kids

Wildchild Skateboarding Birthday PartyWith new and improved skateboards designed specifically for kids, and the growing number of skateboard parks around the country, skateboarding is now THE adventure sport of choice for active kids.

2015 has been our busiest year for skateboarding birthday parties and Wild Wheels skateboarding holiday activities. We love to watch kids go from complete beginners learning to ride a skateboard for the first time, to attempting their first ollies, heelflips and kickflips by the end of their session.

Skateboarding can be dangerous if some basic safety rules and best practise guidelines aren’t followed. Here are the top tips recommended by our skateboarding instructors for kids (and adults!) learning to skateboard for the first time:

1. Choose the right skateboard
Most shops like Toys R Us / Argos will stock cheaper skateboards for kids and these are fine as toys but they are generally of poor quality cheaply put together. These are tricky to balance on therefore more dangerous and likely to put off potential skateboarding champions! We’d recommend spending slightly more (around £39.99) for a good quality skateboard – these come in a range of sizes catering for different ages and can be purchased easily online and in good sports shops.

2. Wear protective gear
Even fast learners will fall over a lot when learning to skateboard. Helmets are a must at all times and you should ensure it’s a good quality one with CE certification. We’d also highly recommend investing in a set of skateboard pads to protect knees, elbows and wrists. Wearing the right protective gear reduces the risk of injury and increases the skateboarders’ confidence level allowing them to attempt gradually more daring manoeuvres without worrying about getting hurt.

3. Choose a safe place to practise and adopt the skateboarding stance
If skateboarding for the first time you may want to start off on grass which keeps the board steady as you practise jumping on and off your board, and helps you to balance. When balancing on your board your dominant (ball kicking) foot should be at the back with your front foot planted. Bend your knees and face your shoulders forward.

4. Practise balancing
Once you have learned to balance on the grass move to a flat hard floor area and practise balancing without moving. With your knees bent use your back foot to push yourself forward while balancing on your front foot. This will feel awkward to begin with but you’ll soon get the hang of it!

5. Let’s Roll!
Once you’ve got the right balance you’re ready to start moving – push forward until you’ve built up enough momentum to start rolling and bring your back foot back on your board as you roll. Use your bent knees and arms to help you maintain a steady balance. To stop put your back foot on the ground.

Once you’ve mastered the art of balancing and riding your skateboard there are a host of fun tricks and flips you can learn.

Wildchild skateboarding parties and skateboarding holiday activities are run by trained and experienced skateboarding instructors in St. Albans / Harpenden. All equipment is provided including skateboards, helmets and protective pads and everyone is welcome from complete beginners through to those looking to pick up some new moves! We often see kids returning every school holiday and it’s great to see them growing in confidence each time and leaving each session with another cool move to show their friends!

A great idea for a children’s birthday party, Wildchild skateboarding birthday parties are suitable for children aged 7+ and take place on weekends in St. Albans, Harpenden or at a venue of your choosing. We limit the number of children per party to 18 to ensure children get the best experience possible. Click here to check availability on your preferred party date.

Our Wild Wheels skateboard holiday activities take place during Easter and Summer school holidays. Click here to receive updates on our holiday activity dates and locations as we launch our activity programmes.